Taoist Meditation for Women: Ovarian Breathing

Women of All Ages Welcome!

In this 2-day workshop:

  • Cultivate & Channel Creative Sexual Energy
  • Improve Overall Vitality
  • Reduce PMS
  • Reduce Length of Menses
  • Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
  • Increase Libido
  • Increase time between menses
  • Enhance pleasure
  • Resolve Concerns from Uterine Removal
  • Precursor to Taoist Healing Love practices done with a partner

This is for you if you want to utilize your creative sexual energy for self healing and other creative pursuits. You can also use these exercises to cultivate greater pleasure with your partner. *NOT for you if you are trying to conceive or on menses

"Lisa will be teaching Ovarian Breathing for Womens' Childbearing Years... We've been teacher friends for 12 years and I'd have to say she's one of the sisters I find to be most attuned to the energy of the planet, having lived for years in the special places of Ojai, Esalen, and Kauai. I'm SO excited she's here to bless us with her presence and the teachings that she carries with care and precision."  (February 2015)

Xylem Larla Dey

Teen Leadership Director, Nevada City, California

Course Details:    2- day workshop 

 in Asheville, NC

Contact me at aloha@moonjata.com

Registration & Dates:TBD

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