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Massage Bodywork

Massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension in the body. Here are some of the known benefits:

  • Relaxation
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase well being
  • Peace and calm
  • Clearing and centering
  • Feel good
  • Reduce pain
  • Boost Mood
  • Improve circulation
  • Promote detoxification
  • Enhances sleep
  • Lower blood pressure


Offering Esalen Massage®, Deep Tissue Esalen Massage®, Massage Cups (see deep tissue), Hot Stone Massage and the Powerful Spiritual Healing Esalen Massage® in Asheville, NC.

Lisa’s signature style is Esalen Massage® which combines long flowing strokes with joint rotations & stretches. This creates a powerful clearing both physical and emotional and some even say on a soul level.  The Esalen style is an integrative massage also known for its deeper connection and Gestalt awareness.  Lisa’s background in shamanic healing and medical qigong help make her work unique.

Deep Tissue Esalen Massage® may include the use of hot stones or massage cups. This is an Esalen Massage® which includes deeper work for more of the time than the regular massage. It is recommended if you are recovering from an injury or just like deeper work.

Profound Spiritual Healing Esalen Massage® is 2+hours massage that includes shamanic energy work &/or medical chi gong. This is a highly intuitive session where breathing and sounding are encouraged. This is a unique type healing session that has evolved from the culmination of all Lisa’s practices in the healing arts. This is recommended if you have had a big emotional stressor or trauma where both spiritual healing and massage are indicated.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of receiving regular massage and the cumulative effect on overall health by booking a series or asking about memberships.  Think about how good you feel after one massage. Regular massage creates a lasting feel-good effect and pain reduction. The passive range of motion techniques Lisa utilizes  has benefits for joint health as well.

I hope to greet you on the table soon for your session.

Lisa Lemley

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (NC #15712)

“Lisa provided the best massage that I have ever had! She is amazing!’


Asheville, NC

“My 75 minute Esalen massage with Lisa was relaxing, restorative, but even more that that…it was a deep healing experience. Her intuitive touch and her ability to work with energy as well as deep tissue is unlike any other practitioner I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been to a lot of different practitioners and styles of massage and bodywork). She is truly a master at her craft and and a healer who brings a sensitivity, intuition, and caring presence to her work. It was an amazingly transformative experience and my wife said I looked ten years younger when she saw me afterwards! I feel that way as well – relaxed, restored, and looking forward to returning soon!” S Martin

Asheville, NC

"After my massage with Lisa I felt very clear, centered and grounded. I highly recommend her work."

Wayne Hoover

Web Developer, Hawaii

“Best Massage Ever! Esalen is the way to go.
I have had many massages over the years, yet nothing like the Esalen style. I typically like the deep tissue massage, with the idea of no pain no gain. I was curious and skeptical reading the description of the Esalen technique on the website. Wow, was I surprised and pleased. The method of long strokes running up and down each side of the body together as all parts are connected (versus back, shoulders, neck, then legs, feet, etc.) was fantastic! The pressure was very effective and penetrating, and I did not even elect the deep tissue version of Esalen as the spa offers. Plus, I believe I actually felt the “energy” of the masseuse. Lisa was amazing! I told Lisa, “You may have ruined every other massage I will ever receive.” As I return home to Charlotte, I will be asking at every spa, does any therapist know Esalen?” Gary G

Asheville, NC

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