Moonjata is here to be of service to support changes whether that be through relaxation, relief of pain or help you feel unstuck . The closer you are to your own center and truth, the easier life becomes and you can easily experience all the love and joy that life really wants for you.

The name Moonjata came to me during a meditation in 2002. It’s simplest meaning is to find the calm in the chaos. It is like when the caterpillar goes into it’s cocoon and turns into liquid before it becomes the butterfly. There is something there that knows it is more than just goo. It can rest in this awareness that life knows exactly what to do. It is the same for us when the earth or our world undergoes a transformation, we must rest in the knowing that we are not this chaotic state that is everywhere around us.

Moonjata was created by Lisa Lemley, Intuitive, Minister, Reiki Master, Shamanic & Qigong Practitioner, Bodyworker, and is dedicated to the development of the highest potential of the soul.

Lisa began her path as a healer when she went to the 1993 Michigan Women’s Music Festival and took her first on a shamanic journey. Then in 1995 she found herself on a pilgrimage to Brasil where she experienced ‘Spirit’ in a way the she could no longer question or deny. Strangely, just days before the 9/11, she moved to Ojai, California where her Spirit journey became intensified. She studied Medical Qigong with the Healix International School of Energy Healing and Earth Studies for nearly 2 years and began leading rituals with the local community.  Herbs and Food as medicine also became a focal point in her personal work. There is an undeniable connection to how we eat and our state of mind. In 2005, Spirit guided her to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California where she resided and taught her qigong series and immersed herself in various styles of bodywork, energy healing, Gestalt therapy, and Shamanism.  From Esalen, she found her home on Kauai for seven years, she delved into raw foods, alchemy, island life, meditation and the practice of experiencing of deep peace. It was on Kauai where she began weaving her shamanic, energy medicine with massage bodywork. Moving back to the mainland and traveling for a year, Lisa has landed in Asheville, North Carolina to further develop her skills and live a little closer to her family who are in Michigan.

Today Lisa offers Moonjata Transformational Experiences either in person or as long distance sessions. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she is a licensed massage & bodywork therapist (NC #15712).


1994 Bachelor of Arts Degree

1999  Reiki Level 1 & 2

2001 Reiki Master/Teacher

2005 Healix International School of Energy Healing & Earth Studies – Mystery School Completion

2006 Esalen Massage Certification 250 hours

2007 Completion of 100 Hours Shamanic Studies, Esalen Institute  Big Sur, CA

2007 Ordained Minister, Universal Life Monastery

2014  Peace Ambassador Training

2016 Massage Therapy 600 hours, Center for Massage  Asheville, NC

2016 Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy NC License #15712

2018 Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach


The dreaming of Moonjata is to become a center where people come to learn a new way of being in this rapidly changing world. Our old ways of doing things are no longer working and a new way needs to be created. Moonjata intends to be the cocoon for the chrysalis state of our transforming lives as Barbara Marx Hubbard likes to call the evolution to become the ‘New Human’. It is a place for people to come to be empowered to tune into their center while everything around them turns into chaos. You are welcome to contact me for more information or if you are aligned with this dream and are interested in collaboration. Donations are also welcome.

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Email List:  I send occasional emails with inspirations, meditations, upcoming events, relevant offers, recipes or health tips.

Lisa Lemley’s mission is to ignite the blueprint of potential in evolving souls to radiate their authentic self in human form. We have entered a new paradigm where awakening beings can easily see the way the world works no longer makes sense.

Your heart is your guide. Love is the answer.

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