Spiritual Healing

 Release stagnation in the body, feel empowered, and open up to the truth of your higher Self.

This unique style of energy medicine (aka Spiritual Massage) was channeled from a Chinese Master to a handful of students at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

With this method, we break away energetic armor, strip away stagnant chi/energy, then channel fresh vibrant energy from heaven and earth. Working with the energy body creates the strength to heal the physical body.

This work can assist you with greater confidence, clarity and freedom from patterns, addictions and blocks that are not serving you.

Multiple sessions are recommended to overcome fear and deeper conditioning/habits or to really set in a new way of being.

"While visiting Kauai I had the pleasant experience of receiving a Spiritual Massage from Lisa. Her clear cool energy and gentle touch were filled with healing purpose. The combination of the spiritual energy of the island and Lisa's intentions for my peace of mind was exactly what I needed to feel a balance between mind, body, and soul. I still feel and think back to the results of our session and try to incorporate what Lisa told me into my daily life. If you are ever in Kauai and want to work with a healer who is truly gifted, contact Lisa Lemley!"

Lauren Adamczyk

Southern California

"I was amazed at the spiritual massage. I remember Lisa standing at my feet and I felt an incredible rush of energy that felt like a powerful current of light all over my being. I was not expecting such power and wasn't sure what was going on until I opened my eyes. Deeply Refreshing. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys going deep into being."

Michael Mackintosh

Personal Developement Coach, Hawaii

"When I decided to receive a "spiritual massage" from Lisa Lemley, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I came into the room with an open mind and open heart, but I had no idea that the work she was about to do would shift my reality in such a dramatic and wonderful way.  Lisa created a beautiful, comforting space for healing to occur - inviting in all of our Angels and Guides to assist in the process.  What ensued was a powerful journey through some of my most deep rooted internal struggles, experiences and out-dated beliefs.  I found out more about myself during that hour than I had realized over a lifetime.  Lisa helped me get in touch with some of my greatest challenges in life, not only addressing them and bringing them to the surface but offering tools to help heal each situation.  I've taken her advise, and the result has been absolutely life-changing!  Since our session, I feel much more balanced and open to receiving all of life's blessings.  Where I once felt blocked and restricted, I now feel free to experience life fully.  Where there was fear, I now experience peace and confidence.  I've embodied a strength of spirit I didn't know I had and I am forever grateful to Lisa for helping to bring my true, authentic essence forward.  I appreciate the safe place she created for my transformation to unfold and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thank you, Lisa!"

Candice Richardson

Yogini, Kauai, Hawaii

Sessions Time:  45-75 minutes

Packages: single session= $125  or 3-sessions over 6-weeks= $333

Terms of Service

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