Shamans Play: Trance Movement and Sound

The Shaman’s journey is inward and sees this world through the heart.  The popular five week course is nourishing for both Practitioners and those wanting self healing. This shamanic course increases your personal power by moving through energetic blocks and tapping into greater Source Power. By learning and practicing these powerful techniques, we experience balance, harmony and clarity in our lives. If you are interested in shamanic practices and would like to integrate them into your life, this course is for you. A Transformational Intensive:

  • Hone intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Open to your potential
  • Unlock the blueprint of the Aquarian era (codes of the ‘new human’)
  • Trance and Shamanic Drumming, Rattling, Sounding
  • Heart Activation
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Presence with what is
  • Support for the transformation process
  • Awareness of Self and the relationship with the Source of creation
  • Communication with the elements, nature, plants, crystals, etc.
  • Rituals to set and clear a sacred space in your home and environment
  • Divination
  • Grounding exercises for everyday

– For each session bring a frame drum, rattle and/or something to place on the altar.

Course Details:  Please contact Lisa directly to bring a class near you:

Registration: $250

8 Students Minimum

"Lisa’s Course is amazing!  It gave me tools to ground, manifest visions, and connected me with other folks working to live out their Dharma.  I am grateful for the experience!" 

Marjy Berkmann

Massage Therapist, Boulder, Colorado

"I thoroughly and deeply enjoyed it. I looked forward to it the for the whole week, even though it was only for a couple of hours. At the end of each class I felt recharged, filled with new inspiration, and had greater connection to my Higher Self.The sessions were fun...light and playful! I'm really looking forward to the next one."


Photographer/Mother, Kilauea, Hawaii

"Lisa will be teaching Ovarian Breathing for Womens' Childbearing Years... We've been teacher friends for 12 years and I'd have to say she's one of the sisters I find to be most attuned to the energy of the planet, having lived for years in the special places of Ojai, Esalen, and Kauai. I'm SO excited she's here to bless us with her presence and the teachings that she carries with care and precision."  (February 2015)

Xylem Larla Dey

Teen Leadership Director, Nevada City, California

"The experience has been very fulfilling & nurturing to all levels of myself. Lisa's way is very grounded, relevant & wholistic...the space created is full of life, love, gratitude, & compassion. I don't want our class to end - they are so fun & energizing!!"

Rana Jackson

Kilauea, Hawaii

"This class brought me into new levels of awareness of myself and got me to the simplicity of my purpose through the power of movement. Do this if you want to experience new levels of being in a fun way."

Michael Mackintosh

Entrepreneur, Kilauea, Hawaii

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