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“Lisa provided the best massage that I have ever had! She is amazing!’


Asheville, NC

"Hi Lisa ~ I wanted to let you know that after our day together and the amazing healing work you did, I felt so wonderful - I didn't know how bad I was feeling until I felt so good!  Folks who don't usually even look at me have been complimenting me on how well I look.  Thanks and I'm so glad we got to do it, even though it took a while for us to line up."

Lena Francis

Hair Stylist & Artist, Sebastopol, California

"I had such a great experience. I really felt ancient energy doing the healing work on me, removing a lot of stagnant and nasty energy blockage. In certain areas of my neck and arm, I felt a painful sucking and stabbing feeling ending with an unique relief. I would tell to a friend to definitely try a magic session!!"


Nath Baba, Nevada City, California

"After my massage with Lisa I felt very clear, centered and grounded. I highly recommend her work."

Wayne Hoover

Web Developer, Hawaii

"I was amazed at the spiritual massage. I remember Lisa standing at my feet and I felt an incredible rush of energy that felt like a powerful current of light all over my being. I was not expecting such power and wasn't sure what was going on until I opened my eyes. Deeply Refreshing. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys going deep into being."

Michael Mackintosh

Personal Developement Coach, Hawaii

"If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward with ease or looking for Wise Spirit Woman support or  transformational bodywork; SunWoman, Lisa Lemley is the real deal!  Working with her is such a lovely, inspiring, catalyzing experience. She lovingly and clearly, intuitively helps bring to light the most graceful path for your soul to shine!  I was initially interested in working with Lisa Lemley as a Rolf Method Practitioner personally obsessed with movement with ease and the process of manifestation. I find her guided meditations/visualizations and Shamanic Massages to be extra-ordinarily potent and her Soul Conscious one-on-one Coaching to be a huge support guiding me gently but rapidly into alignment allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness. She is such a karmic gift. SunWoman Lisa Moonjata Lemley, thank you, thank you, thank you ! "

Alison Grabel

Rolf Method Practitioner, Maui, Hawaii

"When I decided to receive a "spiritual massage" from Lisa Lemley, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I came into the room with an open mind and open heart, but I had no idea that the work she was about to do would shift my reality in such a dramatic and wonderful way.  Lisa created a beautiful, comforting space for healing to occur - inviting in all of our Angels and Guides to assist in the process.  What ensued was a powerful journey through some of my most deep rooted internal struggles, experiences and out-dated beliefs.  I found out more about myself during that hour than I had realized over a lifetime.  Lisa helped me get in touch with some of my greatest challenges in life, not only addressing them and bringing them to the surface but offering tools to help heal each situation.  I've taken her advise, and the result has been absolutely life-changing!  Since our session, I feel much more balanced and open to receiving all of life's blessings.  Where I once felt blocked and restricted, I now feel free to experience life fully.  Where there was fear, I now experience peace and confidence.  I've embodied a strength of spirit I didn't know I had and I am forever grateful to Lisa for helping to bring my true, authentic essence forward.  I appreciate the safe place she created for my transformation to unfold and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thank you, Lisa!"

Candice Richardson

Yogini, Kauai, Hawaii

"My experience with Lisa during her Shamanic work was profound an deeply effective. For several weeks I had been struggling with an old injury in my shoulder and back. Physical discomfort coupled with some deep psychological pain rooted in grief and loss, of my younger brother. As soon as the session started, I began to enter the most profound relaxation and deep delta wave brain states. It was very pleasant. The session seemed to be over in a flash and when I awakened there was not a trace of discomfort in my shoulder and back. Lisa provided as good a healing experience as I have ever had in 25 years of receiving energy work from all kinds of people all over the world. Yay for Lisa!"

Nick Good

Personal Development Coach, Hawaii

"While visiting Kauai I had the pleasant experience of receiving a Spiritual Massage from Lisa. Her clear cool energy and gentle touch were filled with healing purpose. The combination of the spiritual energy of the island and Lisa's intentions for my peace of mind was exactly what I needed to feel a balance between mind, body, and soul. I still feel and think back to the results of our session and try to incorporate what Lisa told me into my daily life. If you are ever in Kauai and want to work with a healer who is truly gifted, contact Lisa Lemley!"

Lauren Adamczyk

Southern California

“This was something I had always aspired to but had blocks that were stopping me. … I’m amazed that all this happen from just the short time I’ve known Lisa. This woman is special. My advice is get close to her and let her guide you forward. You won’t regret it. Not even a little.”

Wajid Young

Writer, Auburn, California

"Lisa will be teaching Ovarian Breathing for Womens' Childbearing Years... We've been teacher friends for 12 years and I'd have to say she's one of the sisters I find to be most attuned to the energy of the planet, having lived for years in the special places of Ojai, Esalen, and Kauai. I'm SO excited she's here to bless us with her presence and the teachings that she carries with care and precision."  (February 2015)

Xylem Larla Dey

Teen Leadership Director, Nevada City, California

"Lisa’s Course is amazing!  It gave me tools to ground, manifest visions, and connected me with other folks working to live out their Dharma.  I am grateful for the experience!" 

Marjy Berkmann

Massage Therapist, Boulder, Colorado

"I thoroughly and deeply enjoyed it. I looked forward to it the for the whole week, even though it was only for a couple of hours. At the end of each class I felt recharged, filled with new inspiration, and had greater connection to my Higher Self.The sessions were fun...light and playful! I'm really looking forward to the next one."


Photographer/Mother, Kilauea, Hawaii

"This class brought me into new levels of awareness of myself and got me to the simplicity of my purpose through the power of movement. Do this if you want to experience new levels of being in a fun way."

Michael Mackintosh

Entrepreneur, Kilauea, Hawaii

"The experience has been very fulfilling & nurturing to all levels of myself. Lisa's way is very grounded, relevant & wholistic...the space created is full of life, love, gratitude, & compassion. I don't want our class to end - they are so fun & energizing!!"

Rana Jackson

Kilauea, Hawaii

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