Long Distance Healing

Bring harmony back to your life. Gain clarity and remove blockages to live your highest potential.

In this session, we utilize the dimensions beyond time and space to clear stagnant energy, increase personal power as well as a clear and align the auric field. Clients often report a more energy and greater sense of clarity for the direction of their life. Everything feels lighter and easier to manage.

When personal power is up and blockages removed, you are free to lift your energy level to the heart. From this place of wholeness, you exude and radiate your own true magnificence. Physical and emotional dis-ease always start with a disturbance on the energetic level which is where we are working to balance and harmonize. This kind of work can also be done on the ancestral lineage.

Techniques of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Medical QiGong are all used in these sessions. Frequently in these sessions, I will ask your guides if there is a message for you and come back with an insight that is relevant to your intentions.

Transformation can occur in one session, however, multiple sessions take us deeper peeling back the layers like an onion. It is often an early life trauma that does not get to heal creating disharmony in the shadows now. It may seem like one issue is the problem but when we peel back the layers we uncover the true pain and that is when we return to wholeness once again. Check out our packages making it more affordable to really clear and be free.

"Hi Lisa ~ I wanted to let you know that after our day together and the amazing healing work you did, I felt so wonderful - I didn't know how bad I was feeling until I felt so good!  Folks who don't usually even look at me have been complimenting me on how well I look.  Thanks and I'm so glad we got to do it, even though it took a while for us to line up."

Lena Francis

Hair Stylist & Artist, Sebastopol, California

Sessions Time: 45-60 minutes

Packages: single session= $125  or 3-sessions over 6-weeks= $333

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