Massage Bodywork

Melt away stress and tension of the day to day and allow yourself to be transformed into deep relaxation with a World Class Esalen Massage®.


Soul Retrieval

 Experience relief from depression, an increase of energy levels, more confidence, a greater sense of belonging, and an enhanced sense of well-being.


Long Distance Healing

 Bring harmony back to your life.  Gain clarity and remove blockages to live your highest potential.


 Sun Woman Coaching

Empowerment for the Awakening! Listen to your inner guide and radiate your truth



Spiritual Healing

 Release stagnation in the body, feel empowered, and open up to the truth of your higher Self.



Reiki & Qigong Energy Medicine

Brings you to the wholeness in your being and adds more vitality to your life.


Spirit Medicine

Increase personal power by working with spirits of the elements and nature. Find clarity and wholeness at the heart.


Meditations and more...

Enhance your life with Lisa's inspirational videos, meditations, musings, and recipes.


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