Soul Retrieval

Experience relief from depression, an increase of energy levels, more confidence, a greater sense of belonging, and/or an enhanced sense of well-being.

This is a shamanic practice where you lie receptive while, I, the practitioner, enter an altered state of consciousness through sound waves (drumming) and work with spirit helpers to retrieve soul parts that have fragmented during traumatic experiences. Soul Retrieval brings you back to wholeness and a greater sense of belonging. This is especially for you if you have a sense of soul loss or experience depression for no apparent reason (the number one sign of soul loss).

Answer these questions:

  1. What is not working in your life?
  2. Is there a pattern you’d like to change?
  3. Do you know when or is there a sense that you have had soul loss?
  4. How is it you come to ask for healing?

The answers to these are unique to each person and are addressed in the session when brought present there.

"I had such a great experience. I really felt ancient energy doing the healing work on me, removing a lot of stagnant and nasty energy blockage. In certain areas of my neck and arm, I felt a painful sucking and stabbing feeling ending with an unique relief. I would tell to a friend to definitely try a magic session!!"


Nath Baba, Nevada City, California

Sessions Time: 2 Hours+
Please plan to be free of stress and commitments for 24-hours from the start of your session

Price: $333
*Contact me directly to arrange a booking

Terms of Service

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