Shamanic Healing

Increase personal power by working with spirits of the elements and nature. Find clarity and wholeness at the heart. Can be done in person or over the phone Personal drumming for individual journey work is also possible.

"My experience with Lisa during her Shamanic work was profound an deeply effective. For several weeks I had been struggling with an old injury in my shoulder and back. Physical discomfort coupled with some deep psychological pain rooted in grief and loss, of my younger brother. As soon as the session started, I began to enter the most profound relaxation and deep delta wave brain states. It was very pleasant. The session seemed to be over in a flash and when I awakened there was not a trace of discomfort in my shoulder and back. Lisa provided as good a healing experience as I have ever had in 25 years of receiving energy work from all kinds of people all over the world. Yay for Lisa!"

Nick Good

Personal Development Coach, Hawaii

Sessions Time:  45-75 minutes

Packages: single session= $125  or 3-sessions over 6-weeks= $333

Terms of Service

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