Soul Journey Empowerment

A Life Purpose Discovery and Activation Workshop:

  • Connect to your life’s purpose
  • Access your higher potential
  • Gain insights into who you really are
  • Reclaim personal power
  • Heart activation
  • Meet your Cosmic Committee who is always with you and looking out for you
  • Get back on your path if you’ve strayed

We will use Shamanic drumming for you to meet with your Cosmic Committee, your very own council of elder spirits. They know who you are and why you came.

We divide this class into 2 parts (either 2 different days or 1 day in morning & afternoon)

Part 1: Journey to meet with a spirit helper to offer power, protection and support

Part 2: Journey to meet our Cosmic Committee

Lisa Lemley has been utilizing and teaching shamanic practices for many years. This format has been specifically designed to help people align with their Life Purpose. Lisa believes that this is a very important time for individuals to reclaim personal power, fully activate why they are here and access their potential. When everyone in the ‘tribe’ is on purpose, harmony and balance is experienced. As we shift our frequency as a collective, the healing of our planet can occur and the misplaced power in ‘current management’ is reclaimed.


"Lisa will be teaching Ovarian Breathing for Womens' Childbearing Years... We've been teacher friends for 12 years and I'd have to say she's one of the sisters I find to be most attuned to the energy of the planet, having lived for years in the special places of Ojai, Esalen, and Kauai. I'm SO excited she's here to bless us with her presence and the teachings that she carries with care and precision."  (February 2015)

Xylem Larla Dey

Teen Leadership Director, Nevada City, California

Course Details: Workshop series and retreat coming soon at OM Sanctuary in Asheville, NC.

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