Reiki & Qigong Energy Medicine

Brings you to the wholeness in your being and more vitality to your life.

Reiki symbols and the five elements of Chinese medicine will be used to tune your vibrations and balance the organs of the body. Laying on of hands is the basis of the session while other techniques are integrated as needed. Other methods that may be used are coaching, sounding, and tapping (emotional freedom technique).

Based in Chinese medicine, we work with the 5 elements related to the yin organs and meridians to bring balance and harmony to the body Energy work is rooted in the principle that the body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance. This work seeks to restore, promote, and maintain health and wellness to all those elements by influencing and supporting the body’s bioenergies. This work helps you feel calm and centered in daily activities.

Long Distance Sessions are available. Energy healing works beyond time and space. click on “Long Distance Healing” for more on the Long Distance Treatments.

"If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward with ease or looking for Wise Spirit Woman support or  transformational bodywork; SunWoman, Lisa Lemley is the real deal!  Working with her is such a lovely, inspiring, catalyzing experience. She lovingly and clearly, intuitively helps bring to light the most graceful path for your soul to shine!  I was initially interested in working with Lisa Lemley as a Rolf Method Practitioner personally obsessed with movement with ease and the process of manifestation. I find her guided meditations/visualizations and Shamanic Massages to be extra-ordinarily potent and her Soul Conscious one-on-one Coaching to be a huge support guiding me gently but rapidly into alignment allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness. She is such a karmic gift. SunWoman Lisa Moonjata Lemley, thank you, thank you, thank you ! "

Alison Grabel

Rolf Method Practitioner, Maui, Hawaii

Sessions Time:  45-75 minutes

Packages: single session= $125  or 3-sessions over 6-weeks= $333

Terms of Service

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