Sunset Anini Beach

Huna is the name for the ancient Hawaiian healing wisdom.

These 7 principles are a foundation for universal truth and energy healing.

1) IKE: We make our reality. The world is what we think it is. All knowledge is not taught in the same school. Be aware. REALITY IS A DREAM.

2) MAKIA: Energy flows where attention goes. Maintain your focus.
What you resist, persists. The energy of resisting actually gives energy to the very thing you resist.

3) MANA: All power come from within. Be confident. Let the singer select the song.

4) MANAWA: Now is the moment of power. Now is where life happens. Seize the moment!

5) KALA: All change is possible. There are no limits.

6) PONO: Harmony/Effectiveness is a measure of truth. An expert is recognized by the altar he builds. THE MEANS DETERMINES THE ENDS

7) ALOHA: To love is to share the happiness of the Breath of Life with. Joy is the voice of love. To love is to be happy with.



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