Have you ever been in love and felt like everything was going your way?   Where it seems as though you are wearing rose colored glasses.  Have you experienced the opposite feeling where it seems like the whole world is out to get you?  You see everything as if it is no good and you feel you don’t deserve anything better either.

Then something happens or someone says something to you and your whole world seems different. Have you noticed that the exact same situation, same people, same food can appear completely different depending on how YOU are?
It was YOU who changed and not the world.   Sometimes it is as easy as a change in perspective.  Sometimes it is a little more work.  The main point is that you see the world from where YOU are. The world is a reflection of your own inner state of consciousness.

I have been watching my own awareness and conscious for sometime now.  Recently, it has included studies from some works of David R. Hawkins, author of Truth vs. Falsehood and others.  He uses kinesiology to determine consciousness calibration levels. More specifically consciousness levels of truth.  Ratings from very low emotional states of being to Enlightened Spiritual leaders are included.   His works have brought insight to my thought patterns.  What exactly is it that brings my consciousness up or down?  This is important to me because I have decided that being happy is a choice.

The happier you are, the happier others around you seem  and the easier life is. The happier you become, the healthier you are and the younger you look.  It has a chain effect. So where to begin?  The trick is to change the thought patterns that bring us out of happiness or keep our natural state of happiness at bay.  For this purpose, I sum David Hawkins research into two fundamental questions; What is in truth and what is below truth?  When you realize what things (people, places, things, music etc) are below truth or calibrating below 200 (on a scale from 0-1000), you can avoid them.  Based on David Hawkins research, your percentage of happiness correlates to your average level of consciousness.  Those whose consciousness is above 200 experience at least 60% happiness.  Those below 200 experience 15% or less happiness.  It is quite a jump!

You all heard the old adage, “you are what you eat”.  I’d like to refine that in saying ‘you are what you consume’.  Anything that even touches the subconscious mind will have an effect on your state of being and how you see the world.   This becomes very evident if you remember your dreams.  For me, at my early morning hour meditation, I am bombarded with thoughts from the previous evening.  If I watched a low vibration movie, I might not even want to get out of bed!  Movies, music, television, computers, art, books, our diet, friends, co-workers, the work we do, everything has an effect on our consciousness.

As an example. let’s look at the vibration of ‘our daily bread’.  Food = 200; Blessed Homemade Food = 215, Commercial Machine made Food=188-200;  You can see that the differences can be very subtle but when it is on the line of 200, it can result in a greater influence.  Have you ever noticed how a cup of coffee can alter a persons state of consciousness dramatically?  You might say that coffee is a drug.  It still then points to an altered state and usually with a lowering effect even if at first it seems to be positive.  Okay, a little less obvious may be the effect of wheat or dairy in the diet or even garlic and onions.  If have never tried eliminating one of these from your diet, you may not really know the effect it is having on your being.

The main thing is to know what level of consciousness you operate from and what influences exist in your life. If you are surrounded with positive and empowering influences, then you will be able to move in that direction. If your life is plagued with negative influences, then what kind of life will you be living?

Find this out for yourself, because you are what you consume!



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